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Top Tips for the ISDA Master Agreement

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DLAB Masterclasses are short, easily to digest mini-courses that aim to explain certain key concepts in the most concise yet comprehensive and illustrative way.

Our masterclasses capture the essence of what you need to know in respect of the subject matter involved.

The End to End

Behind the Scenes of ISDA Negotiations

Gain years of valuable knowledge about the behind the scenes of ISDA negotiations in less than an hour! In this powerful Masterclass you will learn about a hedge fund’s journey from incorporation to ready to trade, discover the nuances of the on-boarding process, and gain a unique overview of what it takes for a successful ISDA negotiation to come together.

This Masterclass offers a buy-side and sell-side’s perspective to counterparty on-boarding and is one of its kind offering in the derivatives courses space. This is the missing piece to the ISDA negotiations puzzle, and exactly what you need to gain an edge in your career!
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This Masterclass covers the following key topics:

Introduction to hedge funds, their strategies and key documentation;
Hedge funds, asset managers, administrators, custodians and other service providers and their relationships;
Key market participants and service providers ion the global financial markets;
Examples of buy-side / sell-side on-boarding interaction;
Key KYC and AML requirements you may come across; and
Being ready to trade; and
Tips on how to manage and deal with due diligence enquiries.

Becoming a Derivatives Negotiator

Get Edyta’s proven blueprint to becoming a successful derivatives negotiator!

In this unique Masterclass Edyta will take you on a fascinating career journey from what to expect in the early beginnings of your derivatives negotiator career to becoming a seasoned pro. She will share her story, lessons learned and her top effective communication and negotiation techniques. She will take you behind the scenes of working for a bank and an asset manager, and reveal what it's really like to be an in-house counsel. You will also learn how to review legal agreements with confidence and communicate effectively with your audience.

Learn how to tackle difficult and challenging scenarios and get to tools to secure more effective outcomes for your organization - from zero-sum bargaining to win-win.
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This Masterclass covers the following key topics:

A successful career progression for negotiators in banking and finance;
A day in a life of an in-house lawyer - buy-side and sell-side perspective;
Understanding negotiation dynamics;
The art of reviewing legal agreements; and
Effective communication - how to face your audience with confidence whether negotiating or interviewing.

Derivatives Courses is a pioneering digital education and training platform in the banking and finance industry.

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